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I've only been unfaithful to my beloved wife, Judy, on one occasion, and with his permission. This is what happened. At that time I was 49, and Judy had been married 18 years. She was beautiful and my soul mate, and had a wonderful sex life, as it turned out, his high sex - matched my own record. We were friends for many years with another couple, close friends to do so. Then Ted died, was a terrible shock because yazum he had shown no signs of any disease. Gwen, his wife had called us immediately and walked past. They had no children and, indeed, there was no close relatives at all. That being the case, it took me to organize the funeral. The day we went to Gwen and accompanied her to the crematorium, the only people that Ted co-workers, and one or two friends. Judy had done for all post- funeral, but it was a very dull match more than oneDozen or so he returned to the house. So different from the normal 'Wake ' for a deceased friend, with happy memories of yesteryear. Soon we were with Gwen and spent the yazum rest of the day. If we say we have to yazum go home began, said Gwen becameupset not want to be left alone. We suggest that the obvious thing, to come home with us, but would not agree because they know they knew there was a family at home and are not willing to push for everyone. yazum Judy proposed at the end I stayed with Gwen at night, just for business, and I agreed. When Judy went behind our car, which they did before opening the door and said softly: 'Gwen is very lonely tonight, Carlos, if yazum you know you need comfort to think that you do not mind not .. I think that should be on their own feet ' I said, ' You mean.... '' Yes, Charles, no need to put into words, I am sure that now need evening comfort. ' kissed her and went back inside. Gwen had the TV orNo, but I could see they really are not looking. I went to the bar and filled two large fires. I got Gwen 's hand and said, '.. That reminds Ted as he, Gwen, who loved her, and I know they were very close to where his memory is' ' Yes,' said Gwen trembling voice, ' you're right, we were very close,' was a tear in his eye, 'it was a yazum night not to make love also has to complete. 's terrible, but I have that much and miss him more a week! ' ' I mean, Gwen, but begins a new life for you now and cruel it may seem, he has forgotten what it was with Ted, at least in this respect. ' ' I guess that's true, my God. ' Shortly after Gwen showed me a room. His house was quite the day and the room had a bathroom, so I had a shower before bed. I was soon asleep. sometime during the night I was awakened by someone who got into bed with me. Obviously, it was Gwen, 'Carlos, do not tell me to go, I have to beYou! 'She snuggled into me. Now Judy and I was always sleeping in the nude at night is no exception, and the feeling of warm body against me Gwen is soon had the obvious effect. Gwen, Judy as a woman was beautiful in his forties with no children, had to maintain a good figure. in the dark, stroking my back felt I had visions of how they look naked, when she hugged me and find me naked established for the penis. of course it was as hard as a rock, I heard the heavy breathing as she wrapped her fingers and yazum felt around him. 'I do not get away from Carlos,' he muttered, 'I know Judy would not mind. ' I also knew. I turned to her and picked her up, kissed her, she rejected him with passion. We kissed several yazum times, and she began working on my penis. Her breasts felt amazing for a company woman of her age, I wanted to see them. I said softly, ' Gwen feels wonderful, I can look at ? ' ' Of course, I love being in, Ted realizedd I have always liked the light. 'I turned on the bedside lamp and we parted to see ourselves in the yazum situation. 'Oh, what a beautiful thick! 'Gwen said. I must say I have an eight-inch penis is too thick, too. yazum He kissed me, ' Oh, please, my Charles! 'She continued. I looked, her breasts were not large, but had a pleasant journey and if you take my eyes looked at her body, spread her legs. I had a very prominent mound, on the lips and very long obvious split. pubic hair is not ignored, was andhad little blonde anyway. I now thoroughly aroused, and when I yazum do I kissed her again caressing thiose beautiful breasts before kissing her and sucking her small nipples. Judy was not very sensitive nipples, but Gwen was sure, and she moaned as her nipples extended my attention. I felt completely relax and slid my hand between her legs. yazum her lips were slick, ' Oh, Iboth ! ' She gasped. ' Not yet, ' she said and kissed my way down on his stomach, which is now thick lips. When she opened her legs wider I buried my head between her legs and velvet lips kissed before pushing my tongue into her mouth hungry for sex. she was liberal lubricants and slid my tongue into her vagina and his tongue. ' Oh, Ted, Ted,' he complained, I mocked his clitoris, which was not as big as Judy 's tongue, but had the same effect, yazum and she came. I approached her and pressed my cock against the soft channel, Gwen took her hand down and kicked in the mouth hot vagina. I yazum slipped in, to heat, humidity and overcrowding. she yazum moaned as they entered the root, ' to make me, me! ' I have worked with her ​​tight vagina my penis, as it had not worked since I was a teenager with my first virgin. Quicky have come, unfortunately. But I assured him I would not take it out and do it again if I was capable of. she was sent and pressmy penis until it was hard again, took less than 10 minutes. Then they are again. This time it was able to hold off and lasted until she asked me to come, was sprayed with a whimper. Then we went to sleep. But not for long, I was again by Gwen demand more, not once but three times wake up! We finally woke up around ten o'clock I was still exhausted. But there was also a satisfied woman in my hands : 'No sex, because, as Ted and I were married !' She said, 'Judy is fortunate to have a wonderful lover ! ' I got up and walked the shower, but Gwen followed me and we showered together. She said : 'I think Judy is so happy, a man with a tail like having your, I have only three or four men in my LFE and have never had one in me the size of crude oil for you, I do! 'm Screwed well! And I hope that Judy left me again. ' I No, what I expected. I came home for lunch yazum and Judy asked me once what had happened: 'I can see that you are'I had sex, ' she said, ' tell me what it was. ' I picked it up in the bedroom and showed it to her. ' You bad boy ! 'She said, ' I see that you have to leave again if that means we have to have sex for later! '
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